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Have you always dreamed of gliding down the whitest slopes, wind in your hair, face gushing with excitement? Maybe exploring the Austrian Alps and all the mountains and skiing options they have to offer? What’s stopping you?

Maybe you’re not sure what you need, or you want something that’s all-inclusive. If you visit a Snowscene Snow Specialist, we
can easily organise so many options for you, including full package ski holidays for families, couples, and lone adventurers, personalised packages, along with ski holidays worldwide.

Our travel agents are knowledgeable and experienced — not just in organising holidays for our valued customers, but also in travel. They’ve tried and tested many snow and ski resorts and locations, including Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, New Zealand & Europe to ensure you receive the best first hand knowledge — and the best advice.

Our holiday ski packages can be all inclusive, or customised to suit your budget and preferences. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years — helping our customers have amazing snow holiday experiences.

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Welcome to Snowscene: your one stop snow shop for all your travel needs. Whether you’re searching for ski shops in Brisbane or wanting to make your purchase online, we can help you here at Snowscene.

What are you really looking for when searching for snow clothes in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney – indeed, anywhere in Australia? Quality. You want to ensure your snow shop in Australia provides you with quality gear for your travels. Here at Snowscene, our products are specifically sourced from high quality suppliers to ensure your satisfaction – and, most of all, a truly great holiday experience. Our ski gloves, ski helmets, ski jackets, and ski pants in Brisbane – our entire snow gear in Brisbane (and of course our accompanying online store) meet the highest standards of quality. At Snowscene you can shop with confidence.

Meet the Snowscene Team

General Manager


Favourite Ski Resort / Ski Town…….. Aspen Snowmass

Travel Tip for snow holidays……..Take the hassle out of your next snow holiday and reply on a trusted experienced Snow Specialist & travel agent at Snowscene to plan for you an unforgettable holiday

Snow Holiday bucket list……..  France!!

My specialities…….. Being able to talk about my travels first hand, sharing my passion & experience for all things snow.

Store Proprietor


Favourite Ski Resort / Ski Town ………. Aspen Snowmass

Travel Tip for snow holidays……..  Buy snow gear that can be used not only while you are in the snow but in your travels as well.  It makes packing easier and you get better use out of your snow gear.

Snow Holiday bucket list……..  Europe

My specialities………. Giving you the right advice to help you make the right decision when investing in the best gear for your budget.

Account Manager


Favourite Ski Resort / Ski Town……..  Queenstown (so far)

Travel Tip for snow holidays……..  Vacuum bags! especially when travelling with kids

Snow Holiday bucket list…….. Tomamu, Japan (ticking it off soon!), Swiss and Italian Alps.

My specialities……..  Australia, New Zealand & Japan

Operations Manager


Favourite Ski Resort / Ski Town…….. La Thuile

Travel Tip for snow holidays…… NEVER buy cheap ski socks. Warmth and comfort are key.
and   Remember to BREATH. Ski holidays can be hectic getting kids ready for lessons and co-ordinating gear. Slow down –it’s a holiday.

Snow Holiday bucket list……..Next on the list is Tomamu

My specialties……..Australia and New Zealand

Groups Specialist


Favourite Ski Resort / Ski Town……..     Kitzbuehel Austria

Travel Tip for snow holidays…….. Would be when going to a new resort, book a lesson even if you are an advanced/intermediate skier and even if is only for one day.

The instructors will ski to your ability, they always know the best places to ski so you then can enjoy the rest of your holiday skiing the best slopes

Snow Holiday bucket list……..Would like to visit more Canada and Japan resorts

My specialties…….Australia/New Zealand

Groups Specialist


Favourite Ski Resort / Ski Town…….. Innsbruck

Favourite Past Memory……..  New Years Eve in Austria sledding down the mountain in the moon light after a few schnapps

Snow Holiday bucket list…….. Northern Lights and some Scandinavian Nordic Skiing

My specialities……..  School groups travelling to snowy destinations in Australia, New Zealand and Japan


Groups Specialist


Favourite Ski Resort / Ski Town…….. Telluride, Colorado.  A Wild West former mining town with challenging skiing though the surrounding peaks.

Favourite memory of a past snow holiday………. My first ski run in Japan – the light, light powder of Niseko.

Snow Holiday bucket list…….. To explore the vast Tyrollean resorts in the Austrian Alps

My specialities…….. Japan & Europe – ski holidays in a different culture.