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Life During COVID-19 and keeping the snow dream alive…

By Emily

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Life During COVID-19 and keeping the snow dream alive…

By Emily Warbrick.

I woke up to a beautiful morning and looked out my window – the day before Good Friday. I smiled because, you see, I had forgotten a few things. I’d forgotten that I can’t take my son to visit his doting grandparents over Easter break who hug him and spoil him. I’d forgotten about the people I used to see and talk to everyday; including my beautiful clients whom I miss on a day to day basis.  Friends I am longing to have a wine with and then I remind myself this is not just me and Snowscene affected it is everyone, everywhere – EVERYWHERE – in the world, we are all affected by this health crisis and life is precious.

And then I remembered. I wanted to close my eyes and pretend that it was all a terrible dream, that I would wake up and life would be the way it used to be. Ok it wasn’t perfect before. There were problems – of course there were. And to my shame I admit that I would hear the sad news, watch the distressing footage, feel terrible, say tut, tut and then get on with my, to be honest, pretty comfortable life. But I can’t do that anymore. This is real and this is my problem as much as anyone else’s.

The comparisons being drawn between wartime and the time of the Spanish Flu comfort us in the knowledge that we can and will survive worldwide tragedy.

One day I will wake to another beautiful morning in Brisbane and on that day I will remember. I will remember to be grateful for family and friends. For all the memories we share and those still to come. Thankful for holidays whether that be local drives to Noosa, road trips to the ski resorts like the good ol’ days and in particular thankful for planes without them our travelling lifestyle would not exist.

This will be a time for sharing and hugging and partying – or all three at once. For making new memories – ones that don’t involve watching curves, and long Centre Link queues and hearing the stories of sadness and blame. Creating lifelong memories.

Memories that involve holidays, in particular a snow holidays. And there is no holiday like a snow holiday – grandparents included, watching their grandkids learning to ski. I pine for an active holiday with fresh alpine air, views of the mountains, a magical white Christmas and hearing Harlem saying ‘snow’ one more time.

I can’t wait for that day.


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