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Snobus Pty Ltd t/a Snowscene, whilst acting in good faith does not accept any responsibility for injury, death, accident, delay, inconvenience, loss of damage to persons or property or for related expenses, whether by default, negligence or otherwise on the part of employees or suppliers providing services in this Brochure. While Snowscene endeavors to make you aware of all aspects of your holiday, we cannot be held liable for any information you did not receive because it was not asked of us, misheard from us or not passed onto you. Verbal and written quotes are regarded as an estimate only.

Snowscene acts as an agent for services provided by Suppliers and as such makes no representation or warranty with respect to the standard of service, transport or accommodation given by any of the Suppliers who provide these services mentioned in this Brochure. The Company shall not be held responsible or liable to any person in the event of such person’s dissatisfaction with such services. Bookings accepted are subject to the services or accommodation applied for being available and confirmed in writing.

Quotes & Reservations: are subject to availability. Flights, Transfers, Car Hire, Accommodation, Equipment/ Clothing Hire, Lift Passes, Lessons or any other component may not be available during specific periods and are always subject to availability at the time of booking. Any verbal quote given is an estimate only of the price which will be subject to written advice on confirmation of the reservation. Please note that the quotation is based on a specific group number as indicated. Any changes to this number will require the quotation to be reassessed.
Goods and Services Tax: GST is applicable and as required by the Australian Tax Office, has been included in the cost of services published in this brochure, currently at 10% for travel within Australia. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars. International travel bookings are exempt from GST.
Deposit payment: All deposits are non-refundable and due as stated on your invoice including stated as up to 100% of deposits are released to suppliers to confirm your booking. Payment is required as per stated on your invoice and these deadlines are set by suppliers & Snowscene. Increased costs or fees may apply to late payments depending on supplier conditions. Payment indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions of Snowscene. This includes the terms and conditions of any supplier. Deposit payments vary from group to group depending on supplier and airline conditions – these payments will be listed in your quote/invoice. Prices shown are for payments by cheque or direct deposit only. If you wish to pay by credit card, an additional 1.4% bank surcharge is payable.
Insurance: It is strongly recommended that travel insurance is obtained to protect all travelers against unexpected circumstances such as cancellation fees, loss of baggage, illness, injury, theft of ski equipment, additional expenses and personal liability. A Travel Insurance policy becomes effective once payment and completed application forms have been received and processed by Snowscene. We recommend if you are taking out insurance, this is paid at time of deposit so you are covered under the cancellation clause. Please note that under current legislation, medical and hospital expenses are not covered for any domestic policy.
Balance payment: Is required 60 days prior to your start date. Failure to do this may result in your booking being automatically cancelled without advice and no refund of the monies already received. All prices are subject to change until the final payment is received. For international quotations, prices are subject to major fluctuations in the rate of exchange until paid in full. For quotations including flights, airfare taxes are correct at time of quotation however are subject to fluctuation and change until paid in full. Student detail forms are due with final payment.
Amendment Fees:
(a) $100 per student if the amendment is requested by the group prior to twenty-one (21) days from the Start Date or after Travel Documentation has been issued by Snowscene
(b) $150 per student if the amendment is requested by the Customer within twenty-one (21) days of the Start Date or after Travel Documentation has been issued by Snowscene to the Customer; or
(c) such other amount advised by Snowscene to the Customer prior to any amendment or change to a Booking.
These costs are to cover the expenses involved in amending your booking and are in addition to any charges that any supplier may charge.
Cancellation Fees:
(a) $150 per student per Booking if the cancellation occurs prior to sixty (60) days prior to the Start Date; or
(b) any other amount advised by Snowscene to the Customer at or before the time of cancellation of the Booking
(c) Inside 60 days there is no refund for a student cancellation – travel insurance highly recommended due to this reason.
Late Additions:
Should extra passengers wish to add to a group booking once full payment has been received, a new costing will be provided at the time for these passengers. A $100 service fee will be added to the costing to cover expenses involved in amending your booking, and are in addition to any charges that any supplier may charge for additions.
Refunds: No refund can be issued for unused air travel, coach transfers, accommodation, equipment/ clothing hire, lift passes, lessons or any other components. Any refunds due cannot be made until Snowscene has received the original vouchers and have been refunded the amounts paid to the suppliers. Any refunds payable will be subject to a processing fee.
International Flights: It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the names provided are correct as per passport spelling (excluding middle names). Passports must have six months validity from the return date back into Australia.
Domestic Flights:  It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that the names provided are correct as per photo ID (School ID is sufficient for students)
Airfare Booking & Taxes – subject to change
Fees and Carrier Charges are estimated at the time of quoting the Group Fare. Taxes, Fees and Carrier Charges are calculated and confirmed at the time of Final Payment, with the exception of fuel surcharge, which is set at the time of Booking Confirmation. Taxes, Fees and Carrier Charges may fluctuate between the time of Booking Confirmation and the time of Final Payment. Taxes, Fees and Carrier Charges are always recalculated if changes are made to the group booking.
Option to fix your school taxes is by paying an additional $20 per student upfront at time of deposit of airfares to avoid this fluctuation – please advise us in writing if you wish to proceed with this option.
Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

I have read, understood & accept the full terms and conditions as outlined above and have approval to sign on behalf of the school, participating students and teachers.

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