South America

For a ski holiday with a more exotic flavour, picturesque terrain, and vivacious nightlight, South America is the place to be… in mountainous Chile!

For those willing to travel and looking for a ski fix in between Northern Hemispheres, South America may well suit (with the ski season running from June to September) as an alternative to skiing Australia or New Zealand. With major ski resorts within a two-hour drive from Santiago near the Argentine border, some of the resorts have been operating for over 60 years.

Although not as comfortable, established, and stylish as some key resorts in USA and Canada, South America offers its own unique experience with adventure, culture, and a family owned hospitality experience. Most of the resorts have been modelled on European ski resorts and are ideal for those looking for a ski lodge experience. There are over 30 ski resorts in South America, and Snowscene has handpicked some of our favourites in Chile.

With lodging options in The Chilean Resort of Portillo (from half to full board) this is a ski lodge experience at its best and a great way to meet other people.  There are many all-inclusive ski package options to choose from depending how easy you want this holiday to be.  It is worthy of note there are set check-in days, so before you book your road trip around South America be sure to know this first.

Looking for something more upmarket then Chile also offers Valle Nevado which is a premium resort in a quaint little ski village in the heart of the Andes. The Andes Mountain range that splits Chile and Argentina is the second highest mountain range outside the Himalayas boasting powder depths of 7 metres a season and a massive expanse of accessible terrain.  Again, set check-in days do apply, however, if you have a car then it would be worthwhile exploring other resorts on the same lift pass including La Parva and El Colorado.

Australian passport holders generally do not require a visa to enter Argentina for up to 90 days when they travel for tourism purposes; however, our experienced team of snow specialists can assist here when reviewing your complete South America experience.

Pre & Post Touring in South America

Santiago, Chile is a vibrant and happening city perfect for pre or post your South American Ski Holiday.  Head out for a wine tour, delicious street food or a 5-star restaurant experience.  A wonderful day can be had at the Metropolitan Cathedral or take a walk through trendy neighbourhoods such as Lastarria and Bellavista.

If you are up for a bit of an adventure you can make your way to Valparaíso, just over an hour by car from Santiago.  A colourful, artistic harborside city with steep and maze-like streets. The perfect place to get lost and wander all day!


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