School Group Travel – far more than just a ski trip

We all know that school trips are great fun but there is way more to school group travel. 

An inspiring school trip including a ski trip is not only fun but will enrich a student’s learning and development as well as their classroom relationships.  Students and teachers can gain a greater sense of community and respect for each other often resulting in better behaviour, greater achievements and involvement back in the classroom.

School group travel provides excellent opportunities for students to develop independence, confidence, self-esteem and leadership whilst adapting to new environments.  Experiencing new cultures first-hand, often brings to life things that have been studied in the classroom like art, history, languages and sport. This ‘Real World Experience’ is thought to be a very successful learning mechanism.  It is also a wonderful time for diversifying friendships and social groups and re-engaging demotivated students. 

For teachers the benefits include developing teaching and leadership skills as well as enhancing CV’s and resumes. Professionally, teachers are likely to collaborate with staff they get to know whilst away on the trips, which can result in future planning of joint activities both within and across schools, team teaching, and planning student learning across subjects.

We also need to mention that your school can benefit from these group travel experiences by creating a point of difference or prestige to your schools’ unique offerings and learning opportunities such as a snow and cultural ski experience trip.

Snowscene Groups Staff understand that budgets vary, and situations can change, and we work with you to create a unique travel experience to suit your school’s particular needs. 

At Snowscene we design your school trip itineraries with thrilling, engaging activities, unique curriculum and enriching experiences seamlessly combining learning with leisure as well as memorable days on the slopes, learning a new skill such as skiing or snowboarding and for some students, having the opportunity to see snow for the very first time.

We have been organising school trips for over 35 years and have a strong understanding of the value these trips provide for teachers as a resource to engage with students, enhancing their social skills as well as their academic, sporting, emotional and personal development.  Far more than just a ski trip.

Interested in booking a school trip to Japan, New Zealand or domestically? Find out what the Snowscene Groups Team can do for you by speaking to one of our group specialists.

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