Several years ago, I found Paradise

I didn’t find it on a mystical journey through a foreign land. I found it with a group of friends travelling on a snowcat out to a remote cabin for a lunch in the woods at Aspen. I found it under a sky so densely blue you could take a bite of it and taste the day as I skied down the hill, I thought to myself “I am so lucky to be alive”. My husband and I were enjoying fresh powder, on a mild blue run and I can’t speak for Hayden, but I sang at the top of my voice in a spontaneous act of sheer joy – the only way we had to pay tribute to the majesty around us of the mountains and mother nature.

And I knew right then there wasn’t a more beautiful, magical place on earth than Snowmass Colorado and that there was nowhere else I would rather be.  

No beach holiday before had been like this. Snow holidays are different – I can’t describe it, you just have to experience it for yourself. But as memorable as that was, this holiday wasn’t just about the beauty.

A holiday is more than the place or its food or its luxurious amenities. A holiday is about the people you meet and the memories you make with your loved ones. A client once said to me, when I became a new mother 3 years ago almost that you have 18 winters (or summers, however you want to look at it) with your children. Make the most of the ski trips, make the most of the precious time together.

2020 was a year like no other. A year that no one in Australia or the rest the world will forget. Beginning with bush fires and ending in a Pandemic, if you were lucky enough to come out of it relatively unscathed, be grateful because, but for a simple twist of fate or geography, it could have been a different story.

The last year and the inability to travel has made my travel memories dearer to me now than ever. I know we will travel again, and the discussions around the New Zealand bubble could not come soon enough – I know my clients are waiting to hit the slopes again, as much as I am.  And I know that despite everything that has happened, beauty and goodness is all around us and that we will continue to make new memories filled with beauty and friendship and love. Whether that be to ski resorts domestically or abroad or simple holidays closer to home. They are what will carry us through and for me, the WHY.

By Emily Foy (Proud Owner – Snowscene and Sunscene Holidays)

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