Tasmania opens borders…

Visit this special place of history and natural wonder.

A place where the line from Dorothea Makellar’s famous poem ‘My Country,’ seems somehow perfect. ‘Her beauty and her terror.’ It’s what still draws us there today. 

Close your eyes and imagine a place where fine dining and culture sit comfortably in a land both beautiful and wild. And no, it is not Queenstown.  

Tasmania’s wilderness – its national parks, rainforests, islands, rivers and remote coastline – in fact one fifth of the entire state – is recognised as being so important, it is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 

Tasmania’s remoteness has meant that some species of animals and plants, now extinct on the mainland, still survive.  

But that very remoteness meant that it was a place where, between the years 1803 and 1853, nearly 75,000 convicts, most of them from Britain and Ireland were sent. Then known as Van Diemen’s Land, Tasmania was just about as far from European society as could then be imagined.  

Tasmania’s convict heritage and half of all Australian convict sites are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  

To view the convict-built buildings and bridges that dot the landscape we might regard them as picturesque and admire and value the craftsmanship. But they tell a compelling story of a dark period in Tasmanian history. You can do all of this in a historical tour, organised at part of your Tasmania package with Snowscene. 

Tamar Island boardwalk in Lanceston

With borders reopening this month, consider all that Tasmania has to offer. Just remember to plan ahead since it’s a popular place that is only going to get more popular.  

Our job is to find the places you haven’t heard of yet, to find the perfect fit for you and your family. So, whether it’s your first time or if you’re revisiting, come in and see us to find out about our exclusive packages.  

You’ll find all the beauty of New Zealand, the fine dining of Europe and the adventure of America. All packaged into 70,000 square kilometres and there for you to come and explore. 

Ask about our Guided Walks, Bay of Fire packages or Tasmania in Style itineraries to Hobart and Saffire Freycinet.  Experience the luxury of pure air, light and water with majestic pink sunrises and sunsets… 

Cape Tourville, Freycinet Peninsula

Need I say more? 

Emily Foy – Proud Owner Snowscene and Sunscene Travel

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