Visiting Tokyo in January, then consider booking to see a ‘live’ Sumo Tournament! Tickets go on sale in December so register your interest from October onwards. VIP Sumo Special Events may also be booked throughout the year (on request).

If you would like a more in depth experience pre-tournament, Snowscene can arrange a morning tour to watch Sumo Practise Sessions:

The guide will first explain the origin, history, rules, fun, etc. of Sumo.
Sumo wrestlers are working extremely hard to be stronger because their ranking directly affects their income. The morning practice starts before 7:00 a.m. with stretching, warming-up, and a routine of basic sumo movements. We get into the stable around 8:00 a.m. when they start practice matches. You will be overwhelmed by the sounds as you watch wrestlers hit their bodies head-on again and again. By this time, you will realise a huge mass of muscles constitute their bodies. When they stretch to cool down, you are now surprised to see how supple they are, which may be counter-intuitive given their gigantic bodies. You will most likely have a chance to take photos with them after the practice.


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