Tokyo Highlights

Imperial Palace, Kiyosumi Garden and Ukiyo-e Museum

The Tour starts with a morning stroll in the East garden of Imperial Palace where visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers while seeing the remains of the Edo castle such as the stone walls and moats. Then head to Tsukiji Fish Market, a lively place to encounter good sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine. After lunch visit Kiyosumi garden featuring many stones collected from nationwide by Mitsubishi founder, Iwasaki Yataro. The last destination is Ryogoku, an area known for its Sumo stadium, where the guests visit the museum among Sumo museum, Sumida Hokusai Ukiyo-e museum, Sword museum and Fukagawa Edo museum (option).

  • National Licensed Tour Guide
  • Lunch
  • Not included – Admission fee for Sumida Hokusai Museum


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