Road Trip

I’ve got two words to say to you – “Road Trip”. 

We talk about them. We made them with our families when we were young. Back in 1984 when Snobus Ski Tours began, it was the starting point for many a love affair (with skiing of course). Well into the late 90’s these buses sent many people to the Australian ski resorts. 

But nothing stays the same and over time, air travel has become the cheap (in the beginning) and then preferred alternative to the long drive. Now in 2021 things have changed again and there is a pandemic hovering above us, or more accurately, mingling amongst us. Air travel isn’t the preferred choice for all, and the road trip is making a comeback. Couple that with State and Commonwealth Governments begging us to support local communities and tourism (don’t forget travel agents folks) and it’s time to think about going old school and driving to your ski destination.

With the right planning and itinerary, you can turn your next snow holiday into an adventure that is fun for the whole family – yes that’s right. I said fun.  

Travel with friends in a convoy and head on down the coast road. Stop at one or two of the beautiful coastal towns along the way; check out some of the ‘big’ things like a prawn or a banana; stretch your legs and take the Gerringong to Kiama Coastal Walk. Or go inland and visit the Dubbo Zoo or stop at a winery or two (we have packages to offer enroute).

All the time you know that at journey’s end, the icing on the cake, is a snow holiday where you get to relax and enjoy a snow holiday true ski in ski out style – and this is where Snowscene’s team of experienced travel agents comes in. We are the experts in the Australian ski resorts and have been doing so since 1984! 

No doubt the day will come when we go back to jumping on a plane but why wait till then? In a world where everything seems to be ‘unprecedented’, one thing I can guarantee is that a road trip will give you memories of people, places, things that will be with you forever. 

So if the words ‘Road Trip’ evoke memories of a car with dodgy air-conditioning where windows are wound up and down all day each time accompanied by the whining of siblings; with endless games of ‘I Spy’ and ‘Twenty Questions’ because there were no devices to distract us and reading made us carsick; and it was sooooo long and boring and when were we ever going to get there; and our parents were tired and cranky and forever asking us if we could ‘hang on’ just a bit longer because ‘Dad doesn’t want to stop right now’; and then when we did stop, ’No you can’t have chips and a chiko roll – again,’. . .Well you get the idea. 

Or maybe it was more like us kids on the backseat falling asleep after our quiet game of ‘I Spy’, which was hilarious and Mum and Dad said we are just adorable; and we fell asleep listening to them talk about the pretty countryside and ‘Look,’ we heard them say just as we were drifting off, ‘We’re passing through one of the cutest little town and remember the last place we stopped in had the cleanest toilets and the food was delicious; and I catch the loving look that passes between them. 

Ok. That didn’t happen.  

But it might be time to consider making your own memories with your own family. Remember, holidays, like life, are as much about the journey as about the destination. 

Here are some of Snowscene’s suggested road trip itineraries  

Mt Buller Road Trip

Perisher Road Trip

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