5 Tips For Snow Fitness… Keeping Your Dreams Alive!

So, you may feel like you’ve been looking forward to a trip to the snow for a loooong time now. An annual snow holiday is what keeps most families going with this huge highlight at the middle or the end of the year.

Whenever your last stint in the snow was, we’re willing to bet that it’s been a while between drinks. Everyone needs a holiday to plan for and look forward to… so for our next snowboarding or skiing trip, we want to ensure our bodies are still up to it. Here is some practical advice to get you motivated, maximise the time you have on your next snow trip, and to keep those dreams alive!

Start Training, yesterday.
Any amount of training will be of benefit when you hit the slopes. But core and legs will be a real game changer. Squats, dead lifts and lunges are a good place to start building leg muscles and endurance. Your core should be a focus too. Try holds, L-sits, V-sit ups and more to start building up your core strength. Pilates is also a winner in this regard. Skiing and Snowboarding are outdoor sports and you’re on your feet a lot. You’ll be toggling between periods of high intensity and slow-paced recovery periods then resting and repeat. You’ll want to start emulating that conditioning in your training. Aim to include at least two interval training sessions (think Tabata sessions of squats and sit-ups) in preparation for your next trip. 

Wear your gear especially your boots.
Chances are that your gear has been sleeping in a closet since the last session or worse still lent out to a friend and not returned. My advice get all your gear together and try it on. How’s it fit? Still got it? Can your gear hold up to a day on the slopes? Make sure you wear your boots around for a bit, there is nothing worse than halfway through a run and finding your feet cramping in agony. Not only will you get used to the feel of your gear again, discover if you need to buy a size up or down, but you’ll also discover the little things that can spell disaster for a snow trip. Things like a loose snow skirt, holes and tears in the outer layer and dare we say it… a really, really old style of outerwear that is just a few years shy of becoming ‘retro cool’ again. All Snowscene Travel bookings are entitled to discounts at our Snowscene Shop so check out our store https://shop.snowscene.com.au/

Find something similar to do at home
In Australia, this is kind of limited to going surfing, skateboarding or investing in roller blades and bombing a hill or two. While neither are going to impart that genuine feeling, they’re pretty close and will certainly hone some skills and help you practice slowing down and turning. They’ll also fire up the same muscle groups which get a hammering on the slopes. 

Don’t go hard on day one
This is hard advice especially if muscle memory comes careering back and you find yourself slipping between a heel and toe side like it was only yesterday or perhaps you find yourself not needing to snow plough, simply hard turning your stops.  However quick your style comes back your body will still not be used to the particulars of the sport and going too hard, too quick is a sure-fire way to being forced to sit out a day to recover. Aim for no more than 4 hours on your first day and break frequently for the next two building into it, you’ll still have the muscle pains no doubt and a couple of new aches depending how quickly it came back, but you’ll have more time on the slopes overall. 

Warm up and Warm down
This piece of advice is common sense. Stretch and prime your body for any strenuous activity; that could be a half hour yoga before riding your first chair or something as quick as 5 minutes of high knee jumps… same goes for when you get home. Stretch, warm down slowly and stay hydrated before, during and after. And make the most of the hot spring onsens or hot tubs wherever you may be staying.  It certainly makes a difference.

One last tip…
Okay, you got us. We said five pieces of advice and we’re throwing in a sixth? This one we’re hoping will happen organically – HAVE FUN! Don’t get frustrated and don’t push yourself to limits. It’s a holiday, have fun, enjoy the time you have and get amongst it with the right attitude. We know this is the secret to making any snow holiday great.

A lot of the above is common sense. But we can guarantee if you apply it, you’ll maximise your time on the slopes and be in the best possible position from the outset. 

Snowscene are your Snow Specialists. An industry-leading snow travel business that delivers excellence on every aspect of your snow trip. Adhering to industry best practice to take the stress out of your snow travel. Ensuring your trip is all about you, offering only the best accommodation, proven hosts and, of course, lots of SNOW.  Wanting to plan your next dream holiday – Get in touch with Snowscene today.

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