The Snowscene Store – We’re here to help (We Really Are)

Does anyone remember the days when you pulled into a service station, someone came out, filled your tank, washed your windscreen, checked your oil and put air in your tires? Anyone? Those days are long gone – no one does that anymore; maybe they do in Central Queensland. But at Snowscene we give you a retail store’s equivalent full service.

Our small, specialised team give you the shopping experience you might have been missing. One that will prepare and equip you for whatever your holiday and the weather brings. Our store owner is on the floor alongside his team, Hayden Foy. Some of you would have been looked after by Hayden before.

You may have lots of questions. We can answer them for you. There might be details you aren’t aware of. We will cover everything you need to know. And you are definitely going to have to try things on. Your clothing not only needs to look good but it must be warm AND equally importantly, comfortable.

Snowscene makes it as easy for you as possible. We have free parking and 7 day trading and if you’re pushed for time (and who isn’t), you can book an appointment with one of our experienced team members. You’ll be guaranteed a personalised shopping experience.

So while technology may have made our lives easier and yes, on-line shopping can be fun and is perfectly fine for lots of things, sometimes you really do need the human touch. Guesswork when you’re buying specialised clothing like snow gear, means you could end up making errors that lead to extra expense and time wasted.

Avoid that. Come and see us at Snowscene. Like I said – we’re here to help. We really are.

Exciting news – we now take American Express (based on customer feedback!), AfterPay and Zip.

Fathers Day gift vouchers also available!



743 Stanley St, Woolloongabba

Free Parking on site

1300 766 911 (Toll free)

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