Snow and Sport – The Best of the U.S!

Americans do sport well. They play hard, they play to win and they produce sporting events that are loud, exciting and most of all, entertaining.

Pack your favourite fan shirt and cap and book your USA sporting experience as pre-release tickets are now out – including Christmas Day events. Choose your sport or sports and enjoy all the razzle dazzle America can throw at you. Here are just a few suggestions:


If you’re thinking basketball think Los Angeles. Whether you’re a Lakers or Clippers fan, both teams have recruited well in the off season and are ready to shoot for the Championships. My tip would be to head to the game a couple of hours early, hang out with the fans talking about Lebron James and try a hotdog or nachos with liquid cheese washed down with a Bud Lights. Or try one of the restaurants around the Staple Centre. You might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity like Jack Nicholson or Beiber. You know you love Beiber spotting.

“GSW fan Jodie @luxexperiencewithjodie”

If the beautiful city of San Francisco is where you’d like to go for your basketball fix, the Golden State Warriors have been one of the most dominant teams over the past 20. Their famously vocal fan base will make your NBA experience a memorable one. And there is a Christmas Day fixture between Golden State and the Lakers! The perfect gift for the basketball enthusiast.

New York is a city famously passionate about its sporting teams and is home to 10 professional teams across 5 codes. It is also the headquarters of the National Football league, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and major League Soccer. The long and distinguished sporting history of the Big Apple is a source of great pride for many New Yorkers who have a particularly strong rivalry with Boston and Philadelphia based teams due to their proximity.

Madison Square Gardens or MSG is one of the most iconic sporting venues in the world and a must do experience for anyone heading to New York. Watch a Knicks game and you will see you just how dedicated New Yorkers are to their teams.

“Not a NBA player, but a giant blue bear who can no doubt DUNK!”

If scheduling doesn’t allow you to get to MSG, try the brand-new Barclay Stadium and catch the Brooklyn Nets (part owned by Jay-Z). You might even get to see Beyonce courtside. My dream idol!

Further south in Denver, catch the Denver Nuggets playing the New Orleans Pelicans on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas ya’all!

While talking NBA, here are some important dates to remember when planning your holiday and we can organise it all for you:

  • The regular season begins in October 2019 and ends April 2020 – so that’s the ski season covered folks.
  • Playoffs begin in April 2020 and end with the NBA finals in June 2020.
  • NBA All-Star Game will be played on February 16 2020 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Ice Hockey

If this is the sport that excites you then think about Canada and the North American NHL (National Hockey League). Fielding 7 teams in the league, Canadians are obsessed with ice hockey and the Canucks are the pride of Vancouver. It’s a game best seen live to really appreciate how quick and skilful these athletes are. Depending on the size of your group, it may be more cost effective to buy a corporate box than to pay for individual tickets. If you were to go down this path, you would be guaranteed a memorable experience to share with your family and friends.

“We enjoyed the Denver Avalanche game at the Pepsi Centre”

The popularity of these games means that tickets can be hard to find but don’t worry. If you miss out on the big games, the next best option is to go to a local hockey game. These local competitions are feeder leagues into the NHL with teams like the Vancouver Giants (Whistler), Kelowna Rockets (Big White & Silverstar) or the Kamloops Blazers (Sun Peaks). The national anthem is sung before every game and should a player score a hat trick, the crowd throw their hats into the rink in an unusual display of appreciation. Hockey is truly a religion in Canada – the games dripping with excitement and passion. If you hear a grandmother shouting, ‘Throw him on the ice,’ don’t be alarmed. Though not your regular grandparent talk, it is not uncommon at a hockey game in Canada. You might even catch a puck like I did. It now stands proudly on my desk and serves as a paperweight and a reminder of a great night.


See us at Snowscene where we can help plan your itinerary so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

To discuss what I love most snow and basketball contact me or the team:

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