How to prep your kids for their school ski trip

When your kids are off on their first ski trip, there are a few things you'll need to do to get them ready and excited to hit the slopes.

You can trust us, the snow specialists, to know exactly how to prep a kid for a snow holiday – we've done it ourselves countless times over the years. Here's how.

Give them a run down of how it all works

If your kids have never skied before, and they don't know a boot from a binding, going on a school ski trip can be an overwhelming experience.

So fill them in – tell them how it all works, the different slopes, the chair lift, the gear et cetera. The more you can help them understand what skiing is and what to expect, the easier a time they're going to have when they finally get to the mountain.

Explaining to your kids how a ski trip works can make them feel more comfortable with going.Explaining to your kids how a ski trip works can make them feel more comfortable going.

Get them the right gear

Key to having a good first experience on the slopes is having the right gear. There's nothing worse than being unable to enjoy your runs because your clothing is uncomfortable, you're too cold or even too hot. Snowscene stocks a huge amount of kids gear – everything they'll need to ski that can't be hired can be bought from our store.

It starts with the base layer – thermals and undergarments are a must for keeping warm in the snow. As the layer that's touching your skin, it's important they're comfortable too.

Next comes the pants and jacket. This is the outer layer, so they have a chance to show off their personality and make a fashionable choice. This snazzy Girls Karbon Pandora Jacket, for example, is a mix of hot pink, black and white that packs fashion and performance into one garment.

Finally, you have the finishing touches – beanies, gloves, socks, goggles and the like. While they're all smaller items, you shouldn't compromise on quality as an ill-fitting goggle or broken glove can sour a day in the snow like anything else & impact your child's overall experience.

Book them in for lessons

Getting the basics right is essential for having an enjoyable time skiing – if you're falling over every other second and unable to stop yourself once you get going, the trip isn't going to be as enjoyable as it could be. In all of Snowscene school ski trips lessons are compulsory and included in our all inclusive package.

Almost all ski-resorts will have some kind of program or class for first time skiers and children. If your kid has the chance, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity. There they'll learn all about how to steer, stop, get up, ride the chair lifts and everything else they'll need to know before they get out there for real. Send the kids on the school ski trip then the next year plan a family holiday with Snowscene.

If you've still got questions, get in touch with a member of our team – we've been in the snow game since 1984, so we know exactly what gear your kids will need.

Mention your school name to our ski store staff and receive 10% off in store or online.

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