Kids – When and why they should learn to ski

Keeping our kids away from games and devices – we’ve either heard about or had firsthand experience of trying to do that. And, let’s be honest, we’ve probably all been guilty of facilitating it at one time or another.

A ski holiday could be the answer. The whole family can enjoy their own snow-laden playground and you all get fit, without the kids knowing they’re doing it. And with a bit of luck they’ll be too tired afterwards to bother with any devices.


Kids are better at picking up new skills

Yes it’s true. A child’s brain is designed to learn and new experiences help a child build neural pathways. That means that by teaching your kids to ski at a younger age, they are more likely to pick up the necessary techniques and skills to evolve into a better skier over time. Add to that the fact that children are generally more flexible and fearless than adults. If you learned to ski as an adult it might be a little annoying at first. You might feel a pang of jealousy wash over you as you watch one of said kids whizz past. But once you get over the ego thing, how much fun for you all out on the slopes together having a great day.

Resilience – a buzz word but a good one

Resilience is essential when learning to ski (learning to do anything really) and kids have it in spades. They will fall when learning to ski, but generally, kids are happy to give it their all. Help them laugh it off, brush them off and encourage them to try again, then watch their confidence grow. The more practise they get each season, the more likely they are to go from strength to strength and perhaps become one of those annoying kids whizzing past.


Ski holidays encourage family bonding

When you go on a ski holiday with the whole family, you’re creating memories for life. And when you teach your children to ski (or have them taught) you a creating a shared interest – that’s not something to take lightly these days when technology can distract all of us from family life.

With Snowscene’s help there’s never been a better time to hit the slopes in Australia or New Zealand with the little ones in tow. Find out how our snow specialists can help create your holiday of a lifetime.


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Did you know we have a kids zone on site for kids to play whilst parents plan their holiday or shop?

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